Minor Second I left my heart in San Francisco
Major Second Doe-a-deer , Happy Birth-day
Minor Third Lul-la-by and goodnight
Major Third Have your-self a merry little Christmas
Perfect Fourth Taps , Here comes the bride
Tritone Ma-ria (West Side Story)
Perfect Fifth Rain-drops on roses (My Favorite Things) , Hey There Georgy girl
Minor Sixth For Papa make him a scholar (Fiddler om the Roof), A Day in the life of a fool (Black Orpheus)
Major Sixth N-B-C , My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Minor Seventh There's a place for us (West Side Story)
Major Seventh Ba-li Hai (1st and 3rd notes), Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Octave Some-where over the rainbow
Minor Second Ride-a painted pony, Joy To the World
Major Second Ma-ry had a little lamb, Deck The Halls
Minor Third Look at me (Misty), Frosty the Snowman
Major Third Swing low sweet chariot , Sum-mer-time
Perfect Fourth Born Free, Hey Jude
Tritone European police siren
Perfect Fifth Feel-ings, Flintstones
Minor Sixth Where do I begin (Love Story), Crazy (Patsy Cline)
Major Sixth Gonna Lay Down my sword and shield, Over There
Minor Seventh Watermelon Man (first 2 notes)
Major Seventh I Love You (Cole Porter), so have your-self a merry little Christmas now
Octave there's No Business like show business
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